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PH tourism registers 9.56% growth, tourism receipts up by 15.1%

The Philippines welcomed a total of 4,681,307 foreign visitors in 2013, surpassing the 4,272,811 arrivals recorded in 2012 by 9.56%. This performance marked a new milestone for the tourism industry as visitor arrivals demonstrated sustained growth despite the challenges of the previous year.

The highest growth rates during the year were recorded in February (15.8%), June (14.0%), and August (13.0%). Visitor count reached an all time high of more than 400,000 during the months of January, February, March, July, and December.

Focus on Server Programming in EMC’s Application Developer Certification Track

The Content Management Server Programming specialist certification in EMC’s Application Developer track offers candidates the chance to validate their skills using the Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) API to design, develop, and customize server applications. Essentially, this certification will get people experienced with the Documentum – candidates will be working with DFC interfaces, objects, and other components to create a successful and efficient application. Familiarity with the architecture of Documentum Foundation Classes, as well as its installation and configuration, is a must.

This specialist certification (one of three in the Application Developer track) can be earned by passing the qualifying E20-405 exam. This exam will feature about 60 questions that cover different aspects of the Documentum and its use in developing applications. Among the most prevalent features of this program are the use of DFC interfaces in creating and retrieving objects, importing and transforming information, creating virtual documents, and performing queries; implementing DFC security; creating, using, packaging, and deploying DFC objects; XML processing; and troubleshooting.

As with all other EMC certifications, this one comes with a set of training options that individuals can take, from the instructor led and online training courses to the number of Documentum guides that are available to read. A practice exam can also prepare you for the actual exam in providing crucial material that must be known and understood. Customers and partners of EMC are able to earn this certification after first earning the Content Management Foundations associate certification.

Choosing the right sunglasses for your trip

Do you have in mind visiting sunny tropical islands, maybe an adventurous trip to snowy mountain slopes or just going on a great city walking destination? Don’t forget to find the perfect pair of shades.Whether you are planning an adventurous expedition, visiting a tropical paradise or going abroad just for the experience, wear just the right pair of sunglasses.Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory. As researched by N3L Optics, more than sixty-six percent of people are constantly wearing a pair of shades when outdoors. Also, six out of ten have had some kind of eye injury, the most common cause for which are sports and outdoors activities. But how can you enjoy all the adventures the outdoors have to offer, without the fear of injury and while your eyes are protected by the sun? The simple answer is – choosing the right sunglasses. Here are some tips provided by on how to pick just the right pair for your needs.


A New Tiger has Arrived!

A new Tiger has arrived – and it brings with it a promise of a great adventure, memorable experiences, and the excitement of a new journey.
Known as the leading and most trusted value-for-money carrier in Southesast Asia, Tiger Airways Philippines will make its formal debut in the skies beginning July 10.

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