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Abuyog celebrates Buyogan Festival 2013

It was an unscheduled trip. Covering Buyogan Festival was never in my plan for this year. But it was the local dancers of Abuyog who keeps on inviting me and experience the festival. Then came one day, an invitation to judge the town’s streetdancing competition. Without batting an eyelash, I said yes. 

Finally I got my plane ticket. Tuloy na tuloy na!  August 26th i flew from Manila to Tacloban via TigerAir. It was a quick and comfortable flight. We were 20 minutes ahead of scheduled time of arrival. 

abuyog 31
Good Morning Tacloban!

The Oriental Hotel Leyte

When I first learned that The Oriental Hotel will be hosting our dinner during the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival, I was so excited! The Oriental Hotel is the best and the finest Hotel in Eastern Visayas. It is located just a few meters away from the regions most popular landmark: the McArthur Park.

Pintados kasadyaan 2012 0083

This is my second time to be at the hotel. Last year, when I judged the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival competition we were billeted here for several days.

Four days of fun at Pintados Kasadyaan

This is the second part. First part can be read here

June 29. I woke up to the roaring sound of the rains and the howling winds. And there was no sign of the rain from stopping anytime soon. The entire province of Leyte was still under storm signal number 2.

It was supposed to be the much awaited day in the entire Eastern Visayas Region. The day when three festivals will be showcased in what is called as the “Day of Festivals”

The Pintados Festival of Tacloban and the Leyte Ksadyaan Festival of Festivals were scheduled for a streetdancing competition in the morning and ritual presentation in the afternoon, while Tacloban’s Sangyaw Festival of lifhts were scheduled later that evening.


But Leyte is still under storm signal number 2.

Four days of Fun and Excitement with the Travel Bloggers at the Pintados Kasadyaan 2013

It was supposed to be one of the biggest gathering of Filipino travel bloggers ever. Except that Typhoon Gorio came in and rained all the plans away.

But despite the heavy rains and Storm Signal Nmber 2, we were able to meet, though at different times.

Mervz Ramil Edgar and Sinjin arrived at Tacloban June 26th. The four of them together with another travel blogger, Shugah, + Ludette and Gerry Ruiz all went to Palompon early morning of June 27th. Their target destination: Kalanggaman Island.

L-R : me, Ramil and Edgar of, Mervz of, Sinjin of

Looking at their social media updates, looks like they were really having so much fun at the island. I have been to Kalanggaman two years ago, and it was a really wonderful experience. I was actually envy at them.

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